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Tips for moving together: How to arrange the first house in two

Moving with your partner is a cause for joy. Finally, you will share the same house, you will no longer have to run from work to meetings or plan the days you stay at the other, walk with toothbrushes and T-shirts between two apartments.

But it’s not always easy to move in with your partner, especially if you’ve lived alone for a long time. If you have different needs, habits or preferences regarding design, it will be more complicated than you think to move together, and the period of adaptation to life for two will be longer.

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When you move in with someone, you certainly don’t miss things. And you lived somewhere, and he lived somewhere, so most likely now you will have two pieces of each object. You will have to give up certain things that you have in favor of your partner’s things. If you haven’t planned to set up the house you will move into from scratch, decide what’s left and sell it or give someone the things you don’t need, because there’s no point in crowding two completely different sofas in the living room or filling the hallway. of cabinets and chests of drawers in the former bedroom.

# Buy together the things that will stay in your new home

In general, women are more interested in shopping than men. If you have to buy something new for the house or you decide to arrange everything from scratch, with new things, it is still preferable to choose the furniture and decorations for the house to go together or to choose the products together. Not only for him to help carry, but because the decisions made together will make your life easier in the future. Thus there will be no reproaches later, and all the things in the house will be the objects of both, it will not be “my sofa” and “your closet”, but “our sofa” and “our closet”.

# Combines the masculine elements with the feminine ones

There are few men who would like to sleep in a room full of pink flowers, with a romantic wrought iron bed painted white and with pink veil curtains with gold thread. Just as few women will want to sit in an austere living room with massive dark furniture and no colorful objects in the room. If when you lived alone you only had to take into account your preferences, now you have to think that your partner must also like the environment in which you live.

One idea would be to choose classic pieces or mix masculine and feminine elements, so that you both feel at home. A masculine interior is a simple interior, in which the most important elements are electronics – a large diagonal TV and a high-performance audio system can not be missing from a male living room and are often the only additions to the furniture.

The feminine style is dominated by decorations: a wall with photos, candlesticks with candles, candles, flower vases, decorative pillows on the sofa and wicker baskets are things you will find in women’s interiors.

A combination of masculine and feminine elements will show that it is a house “yours”, a house where a couple lives.

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